DQL Explorer availaible on OpenNTF

During IBM Think Luis presented the DQL Explorer which helps

  • Business users have access to Domino data like never before.
  • Developers to understand their queries before even opening the Designer
  • Administrators to understand the impact on the Domino servers (if any)

Now the DQL Explorer is available on OpenNTF and you can download this great tool here: https://www.openntf.org/main.nsf/project.xsp?r=project/DQL%20Explorer



Notes/Domino Language issues: Shortcut Key issue impacting Notes 10.0.1 Windows Client – German, French, Spanish, & Italian Language releases Plus additional issues

Due to some major issues with the shortcut keys in the Standard Client of 10.0.1 the ability to download the G1 language clients has been withdrawn right after the publication. Please refer to the official announcement about the current status:


Let’s Get Real: What’s in Domino V11

HCL is inviting to a webcast on March 14th including the following content:
In the era of digital transformation, empowering a workforce to re-engineer their own processes into more responsive, measurable and effective outcomes is essential.
Join Andrew Manby and Richard Jefts to learn what the next chapter in the #dominoforever journey will mean to Domino developers, administrators and business users based on your input from the “Domino ideas portal” and V11 #dominoforever jams.
For those at IBM Think 2019, this webcast will provide even more insights. This is one event you are not going to want to miss.
If you´re interested about the new features HCL will deliver don´t forget to register for the webcast here: https://bit.ly/2TGIXDM

SOLVED: Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

2 days ago I posted this blog entry about the new feature of “Symmetrical Cluster” in Domino V10 ( https://bit.ly/2EFtuyT ).

After opening a case I received the information that the “RepairCleanup” task only is running when there´s something to repair. During my V10.0.1 migration last week the RepairCleanup task I started via the ServerTasks entry in the NOTES.INI started right after the restart of the Domino server.

It is simply explained because there have been defect databases or the cluster was not in symmetry ( was this tool was made for… ).

During the migration this week the cluster was running fine and no databases had to be repaired why the RepairCleanup task shutdown after some seconds.

Today I received the information from the Support Team that it´s recommended to add the “RepairCleanup” task to the NOTES.INI ( for a repair of defect or “out of sync” cluster databases during startup ) AND also create a program document for a scheduled run of the “RepairCleanup” task like this:

( on a Windows server use “nserver” in the Program Name field )

Maybe the documentation should be updated because you cannot find the information that this is not only recommended but mandatory…

Domino V10.0.1 – Symmetrical cluster configuration… May the journey continue

This week I migrated a Domino 9 environment to new Operating Systems, migrated them to V10.0.1 and everything ran fine.

Today I tried to activate the new feature “Symmetrical Cluster” and ran into another problem. Of course I also did this little customization ( https://bit.ly/2H52biZ ) but when trying to start the “RepairCleanup” task I received the following error message on the server console:

lo RepairCleanup

OSGetModuleHandle failed
Repair Cleanup started
Repair Cleanup shutdown

Any idea what´s causing this error message ?? I already opened a case and hopefully will receive a quick solution.

Delete Person process fails on Delete Person in Domino Directory request

Regarding an IBM Technote there´s an issue when deleting a person from the Domino Directory via an AdminP request by selecting “Delete the mail database on the user’s home server” and the option “Delete mail replicas on all others server”.

There are 2 workaround mentioned in the TechNote:

1) Restore the person document from backup and re-delete them without checking the “other replicas” option or

2) Use the “Add Person” form action to add a ‘stub’ person (i.e. do not register the user).  Putting in the user name and mail file info (Domain, mail server, mail file) and then re-deleting them without checking the “other replicas” option.  Both options require that any other replicas of the mail file have to be deleted manually.