IBM Think 2019 – Day 4 recap…

Today began – beside heavy rain – with tremendous announcements of HCL in person of Richard Jefts, Barry Rosen and Chris Davis in their session

“The Beat goes on – and it goes to 11”.

A great and updated roadmap for Domino V10+ has been presented:

A lot ( I’m sure there will be more ) of the new features coming soon and what we can expect in V11 have been presented. As far I understood “Coming soon” is Q1/2019 and we’ll get the following in the next weeks:

  • Re-Release of the missing Group1 languages ( german )
  • Group 1 support for the Notes Basic and the ICAA client
  • Fixes for the regressions in Xpages V10
  • Domino App Dev Pack for Windows
  • A preview of the browser-based “Verse on mobile” app
  • Verse on Premises 1.0.7

We’ll also get Sametime V10 in the first half of 2019. For Sametime Limited Use ( license bundled in your Notes license ) we’ll get the following new and great features:

  • Sametime Chat everywhere ( persistent chat across multiple devices )
  • Simplified deployment of Sametime using Docker containers
  • Chat client will be compatible with the current version 9.0.1 FP1

There have been additional announcements and I can’t remember to hear this lot of news during a 50 minute session !!

So what else can be expected in Notes/Domino V11 ? Just take a look at the following images:

Further informations regarding V11 can be seen and heard during the webcast on March 14th where you can register here:

Another great news has been the announcement that you can use MarvelClient Update to upgrade any existing IBM Notes Client to V10.0.1 for free !! Thanks to panagenda for giving anyone the possibility.

So in a sum-up great features will be delivered in V11 and HCL will also increase marketing activity for pushing Domino V10+ stronger to the market via the new HCL partners.


IBM Think 2019 – Day 2 recap…

Today the “IBM Collaboration Solutions” was held at the Hilton Union Square and first of all: It was amazing !!

We received great informations of Alan Hamilton, Dawn Herndon, Bob Schultz and some other. The most interesting themes have been presented by Richard Jefts and Andrew Manby with a great review of ‘The Road to Domino V10’ where some very impressive numbers have been presented:

Those numbers indicate that Domino is the cheapest and best Application Development Platform ever. The next session belonged to Richard Jefts. Richard’s statement “HCL will deliver what´s committed” is a very great announcement in the future of Notes, Domino, Connections and the other Collaboration Solutions. Also the announcement to bring together Domino and Connections brought smiles to the faces of all attendees.

The demonstration about the possibilities of Domino V10 regarding integrating a Domino application in very different platforms like SalesForce, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Teams, … was impressive. Also administrative tasks can be handled via voice control with Alexa like Luis Guirigay showed.

During the week we also will get updates about Domino V11 like announced:

Afterwards interesting informations about IBM Connections have been told by Danielle Baptiste – e.g. that the next update to IBM Connections – 6.0 CR5 – soon will be announced. And like the Domino Jams there also will be Jams for IBM Connections. The following information shows the interest of customers and also Community members: there are about 4500 ideas in the IBM Connections Ideas Lab which can be accessed under

The last session showed the possibilities with the new feature of “Domino Query Language” coming with Domino V10. And during the session Luis showed the “DQL Explorer” – a very great application which delivers the option to build SQL searches for Non-Developers without any Development know-how and also shows the query in different languages like LotusScript, DQL, Java and so on. This tool ( a single Domino database ) will be available in the next days.

It was a very interesting day with huge announcements, great informations and also some fun with the othet members of the “Yellow Community” which ended with the “Chairman’s address” – the Keynote of Ginni Rometty.

Hopefully you enjoyed this personal recap of day 2…